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Our Story


We’ve always looked up. Up at the sun, up at the clouds, up at the stars, up at the moon. We smile and say hello. It inspires us. For that whimsical side of you, the part that looks up, we hear you.


Enjoy our crafty things inspired by playing outside, whether in the sunlight or the moonlight, bare foot, toes in the sand or wiggling in the grass. Whisper to the wind, travel far and wide, wink at the moon.


Join the tribe.



Image by averie woodard
Image by Fezbot2000

Inspired by Nature


We hand make all of our goodies with love, time and care. We also take pride in our "rescued and renewed" items. We love finding previously "loved" items embracing the wear and tear finding it adds to it's character and beauty. Rescued and Renewed items are just like us, perfectly imperfect.

As everything is handmade, each piece is one of a kind. New items are made in small batches with limited quantities available. Many of our items are made with natural elements, like in nature, each piece is unique. Sizes and finishes of items like smoke cleanse sticks vary due to the natural products we use. 

Image by Dino Reichmuth
Image by Raph Howald

Inspired by Travel


We are a tribe of gods and goddesses, drawn together by light and wonder. Adventuring the world is our life journey. Finding our way through places, people and cultures taking pieces of each with us in our hearts as we go. Our languages vary, our paths crisscross, but we all feel the same. We are all one in this world. We all seek the same thing, to find our place amongst others, to embrace differences and bond over similarities. To evolve and grow until our time here is up. We are the wanderers, grateful for each step we take, widening our beliefs and understanding as we go. 

We believe you are here because you belong. And we welcome you to our traveling tribe. 

Image by Arindam Deb
Image by Benjamin Voros
Image by Becca Tapert
Image by kazuend

Inspired by Sisterhood

Image by Jennifer Marquez

We are constantly learning new ways to lessen our footprint. With this on our minds, we repurpose most of our packing and shipping materials whenever possible. We also rescue and renew countless items, reducing the landfill footprint. Our floral based items are left over product from growers that would otherwise be disposed of and our feathers are ethically and humanely collected. 

We work tirelessly to build personal relationships with individuals round the world to collect unique items or materials for our shop. Supporting individuals and other small businesses is our priority.


Creating in Colorado

Shipping throughout the USA

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