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We are a sisterhood of intuitive women. We are connected on a deeper level and offer that line of communication and insight to others as a way to build community, and help self discovery. Following in countless cultural histories, we offer tarot and oracle card readings as well as mediumship and coffee grind readings.

The Universe is calling. Readings can be a spiritual journey for some and a whimsical adventure for others. Each experience is unique.

Tarot card readings available now!

Additional services will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Meet Our Intuitive Tarot Reader

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Meet Meg!

Meet Meg, conversational tarot reader and intuitive. First introduced to tarot in 2014 when she met with a psychic in Glenwood Springs, Meg has been delving deeper into her intuitive nature and the art of tarot ever since. Her favorite part of tarot reading is learning about the reader and how all the "dots" laid out before her in the cards connect for them. "I love it when the reader shares the excitement and context of how the cards are speaking to them. I can share what the cards 'mean' but they know how it applies to them. So exciting to see the two come together." 

Book A Tarot Card Reading

Additional services will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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